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 Norstar Telephone Systems 

Norstar T7316E Telephone
Norstar ICS Flash Voice Mail M7310 Telephone

Norstar Telephone System


  • Nortel telephone systems provide features which are helpful for small, medium sized and large companies.
  • The sizes of the Nortel systems also vary, and you can chose among Nortel T7316E, 3X8, 8X24, MICS, 6X16 systems and many others.
Norstar MICS 6.1 (12x32 Initial Configuration) with CallPilot 150 VM

Norstar Telephone Equipment For Sale

1- Norstar MICS Cabinet w/Power Supply
1- Norstar Mic 6.1 Software Card & Cartridge
3- Norstar 4 Co Line/Trunk Cards
1- Norstar 2 Port Fiber Expansion Card
1- Norstar Fiber Trunk Module (12x0) 
1- Norstar CallPilot 150 Voice Mail 32 MBXS
*  All Equipment is in Used Condition and in good working order *
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Norstar CallPilot Voicemail for Sale (Used) 

CallPilot 150 R3.1 - 8 Port x 20 Mailbox (NTAB9824)

Main Features 

Automated Attendant. Auto Attendant answers your telephone and takes messages for everyone in your company. 

Voice Messaging. Start at 32 Mailboxes and activate up to 300 Popular features include auto answer with personal greeting.


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Norstar T7406 Cordless Telephone for Sale

The Norstar T7406 is a full-feature, multiline telephone for businesses that would benefit from a workplace mobility solution. The T7406 enables employess to be more productive while moving about the office.

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Norstar T7406 Cordless Telephone w/Base Station (NT8B45AAAA)

Norstar T7406 Cordless Telephone with Base Station

*900 MHz digitial spread spectrum freguency hopping

*Operating range of 300 feet, with 282,200 square feet of coverage

*Supports up to 6 lines

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Norstar CallPilot 100 R.3 NTAB9865 For Sale

Norstar CallPilot Voice Mail

* 2Port channels, 10 active mailboxes

* Expandable to 40 mailboxes

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